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Student designer competition

Student Designer Competition is a non profit initiative for design schools and student designers to have the opportunity to showcase their vision in a competitive design exhibition in the presence of High Caliber panel of creative designers, media, audience and judges. Since its inception in 2013, SDC has paved the way for creative students, entrepreneurs and small businesses in the fashion and creative industry in Canada.

SDC - 10th Anniversary - August 2022 

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program includes

  • Mentorship

  • Leadership

  • Fashion Industry Networking Event

  • Student Fashion Exhibition

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For our 10th year anniversary, we are celebrating the winners of the past Student Designer Competitions.

  • Miss Beida (2014 Winner)

  • Gervacy (2015 Winner)

  • Fresh Empire (2017 Winner)

  • Nykwale (2019 Winner)

  • Eseohe (2020 Winner)

  • Ayinlola (2021 Winner)

Location & Date

Wednesday August 24th 

Spaces Toronto (Loft & Rooftop)

 180 John Street. 



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