Fashion Industry Seminars & Workshops

When it comes to education, your job is never done. Yes, you’re a business owner and very busy (to put it mildly) but a commitment to staying on top of industry trends and business best practices is a sign of a true entrepreneur.
The Fashion industry seminar is an educational series for fashion industry members.

The goal is to provide information and learning opportunities, and create discussion around sustainable fashion practices, with the objective of increasing the level of sustainability in the fashion industry.

This informative panel brings together experts and industry leaders to share how leading companies are integrating social and environmental best practice with commercial gain. Learn how you can integrate best practice into your supply chain, and how your bottom line can benefit as a result.

The Seminar focuses on the topics of imaging, branding, manufacturing, sourcing, virtual worlds, social networks, retail, and finance so make it a must attend if you are serious about starting or growing your fashion business.Seminars are presented periodically throughout the year.

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