Student Designer Competition 2018

“Serving the creative leaders of tomorrow”

Every year since 2013, SDC has become one of the largest Student inspired fashion competitions in Canada. The program challenges students to test their technical and creative skills. The program have paved the way for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in the fashion and creative industry in Canada.

The impact the program have had on students and young emerging talents is tremendous. In order to have successful careers as a fashion professionals, today’s students need to develop the skills and have a support system in place. That is the purpose of the existence of the Student Designer Competition produced by AFWT.

Student designers will have the opportunity to showcase their vision in a competitive Fashion exhibition in the presence of High Caliber panel of creative designers and judges. The purpose of this program is to encourage design students to excel in their program and to ensure them of the available assistance to market their brand upon graduation.


Design schools in Canada are welcome to register a Student to represent their faculty and school.

Winners circle include:
2013: Zeena Kay (ZNA.K) / 2014: Beida Omary (Miss Beida Fashion)
2015: Kadeem Faustin (Kyle Gervacy) / 2016: Tehillah (Ofuure) / 2017: Sadi (Phresh Empire) / 2018: Eugene Adjoa (Nykwale)