About African Fashion Week Toronto

Building an Industry, Creating Opportunities



African Fashion Week Toronto is one of the most recognized Fashion Weeks in Canada. The program was established by the Fashion Ready Foundation in 2012 and has developed into an internationally-recognized event. AFWT continues to grow each season, creating a community of designers, models and industry professionals who shape this unique experience.

AFWT showcases local, national and international designers by providing a progressive environment for them to promote their creative designs. This multicultural platform supports Toronto’s unique and diverse cultural heritage while contributing to the fashion and tourism market of Canada. The event is designed to attract key industry figures, local and international celebrities, relevant business associates, media houses, key government officials and many other stakeholders



  • Progress:To promote and improve public understanding and appreciation of the African Fashion industry through leadership in quality and taste.
  • Business:To create progressive partnerships which will lead to collaborative business opportunities for our designers, models, and other fashion professionals.
  • Expansion:To support the overall growth of African fashion Industry in Canada and the Diaspora.
  • Identity:To rebrand the perception of Africa as a whole through luxury fashion initiatives